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Kathryn’s Design Shop

Kathryn’s Design Shop is a freelance graphic designer and writer. From logos to books to wedding invitations. Kathryn is truly passionate about helping others. Designing is one of the ways she gets to do so — whether it’s helping someone plan their dream wedding or launch their startup business. Kathryn’s creates print and digital material for a wide range of audiences.

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The Traveling Nobodies

The Traveling Nobodies are a Classic rock band with their own spin. They play songs from The Beatles, Doors, Tom Petty, along with many more classic artists.

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Ixchel Apparel

Ixchel Apparel makes shopping for your family easy, convenient and affordable.They carry an enormous variety of quality clothes and styles for Men, Women and Children. Ixchel Apparel is your one-stop shop for fantastic savings! Your journey towards better value starts and ends with Ixchel Apparel.

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Arizona Aquatic Gardens

Arizona Aquatic Gardens ia a unique farm that provides aquatic plants, tropical freshwater fish, marine fish, shrimp, snails, mosquito fish, crabs & frogs to zoological societies, schools, pet stores & residential customers since 1987.

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RevRob Ministries

RevRob Ministries is based on the belief that Meeting the Needs of the People is our number one priority! Their entire team, PRAYER FORCE ONE & The Saginaw United Bible Study Fellowship is committed to meeting those needs.

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Superior Garden Decor

Superior Garden Decor supplies commercial and residential exterior cast aluminum pieces in both painted and unpainted finishes. Specify your own colors on custom painted pieces and let us create your masterpiece.

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