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What we can do

Web Design

We are a Buffalo NY web design & marketing agency who creates innovative and powerful websites for your business.

UX/UI Design

User Experience Design is the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with your site.

Template Websites

Not every business has the budget to create a custom website. We can create you a stunning website that will fit your budget.

Custom Design

We believe that every client is distinct, every project unique. Our style is clean, uncluttered, and steeped in the principals of design.

Web Development

We take a blank canvas and build you a responsive website custom to your brand and needs so your customers can interact with you.

Ecommerce Website

Through our ecommerce solutions and services, we can established a high performance online stores that offers extensive functionality.

Meeting all your advertising and web development needs in one place

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Additional services

Website Design & Development Services

A website is one of the important assets you need if you are running your own business. It serves as the central location for your potential customers to find learn about you, your business and your products online. Another benefit of  having a website is the possibility that thousands of people are going to see it and you will be able to influence their decisions and educate them.

Billions of people use the internet every day to purchased something, or contacted a company. By not having a website, you could potentially be missing out on a lot of revenue. Having a website will help get your business credibility and attract more customer.

So if you are looking for reliable and trusted website design and development services for your business, PHD Studio Web has the capability to provide you the best solution to meet all of your needs.

Our services can offer you the following:

  • Web design and interface. We want to provide you the most functional, usable and good visual of design interface through the use of our effective strategy. We want to ensure that your marketing and messaging goals will be reached and create high quality design wherein you can expect beyond expectations. We will help you to customize your website that suits in your budget and provide you our custom website design, interface design and template designs.
  • CSSS/HTML development. Most of our website design projects have CSSS and HTML which serves as the backbone of our services to make it well organize. Through this way, we can ensure to you to experience best groundwork and have the exposure for the search engine. Our web development services cover the semantic coding for the SEO and w3c compliant of CSS and HTML.
  • RSS Integration and Blog design. PHD Studio Web Design & Development has the ability to provide you open source for RSS and blog feeds that will help your business to enhance its SEO optimization.
  • Content development. One of the important part of a website is the content wherein we can offer you content development services like keyword analysis, editing, writing, and content planning and site map development.
  • Social media integration. We can help you enhance all your marketing efforts and help you integrate your content be posted to different kinds of social media tools.
  • Website maintenance. This is another great thing we can offer to you. The maintenance of your website will help you reach your own marketing goals. Due to this, we can provide you the best maintenance service we can offer in you like website audits, website expansions, splash page design, content updates and analysis and hosting plan.

At PHD Studio Web Design & Development, you will have the assurance that you will be working with best team who has lots of years in this field. Our team can help you cultivate the best website design and development services since we are very passionate in showing our work. We can work successfully and will guarantee you that we will deliver the most excellent service that you need for your business.

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